A Heartwarming Goodbye: A Stray Dog in Singapore Receives a Dignified Farewell

It’s a sad reality that not all rescued animals find their forever homes. In fact, some of these abandoned pets even develop illnesses as they roam the streets in search of food and shelter. Recently, a senior stray dog was discovered wandering around the areas of Yishun and Canberra before it eventually passed away. Thankfully, the poor animal was given proper rites to honor its life. Another case involved a 14-year-old Shih Tzu named “Baby” who was found abandoned at a public park by a local stray feeder on April 10th, 2021. Fortunately, this little pup was rescued and taken in by a kind-hearted individual.

Purely Adoptions deserves acknowledgment, but unfortunately, Baby, a male dog, could not be taken in for adoption or fostering because he unexpectedly passed away on April 15.

The story goes that the rescuers managed to locate the owner of the senior dog, but they refused to take him in. It was discovered that the old dog had various health issues, likely related to his advanced age. These included skin problems and heart conditions.

Ensuring a dignified farewell and a forever resting place.

Purely Adoptions posted on their Facebook page on April 16, sharing details about the final moments of Baby’s life, along with some images of the events that led to his passing. Initially, they had requested for someone to foster or adopt Baby, but unfortunately, he passed away before finding a loving home.

Purely Adoptions should be given credit for sharing a post that includes pictures of Baby’s last moments and the appropriate funeral arrangements and rituals that were carried out in the end.

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