“A Stray Pup’s Tale of Survival and Love Amidst Abandonment”

In Roswell, Georgia, a dog named Chipper was rescued from Two Tailz Rescue after being found at a rural shelter. The three-year-old male dog weighed only 32 pounds, which is half of his ideal weight. It’s shocking and distressing that someone allowed Chipper to deteriorate like this. However, the focus is now on helping Chipper recover and survive.

Just when we thought we had seen everything, we came across a rescue mission for a little creature named ‘Chipper’.




Just hours after we were contacted to rescue Chipper, we quickly brought him to our urgent care veterinarian yesterday. Chipper is currently in a very critical condition.

Chipper will be spending the next few days receiving critical care due to his severe emaciation, malnourishment, and dehydration. He has been given a body score of “1” out of “9” and is currently receiving intravenous fluids and electrolytes. Results from his blood CBC panel indicate abnormal levels consistent with being severely underweight.

Upon his arrival, Chipper was found to have fleas which had caused multiple sores on his body and ears due to uncontrollable itching. To alleviate this, he has been treated with Capstar and given a medicated bath to eliminate the fleas. Furthermore, he is also suffering from a heart murmur, and vets suspect that his degree of emaciation and malnutrition may be responsible for this condition.

A well-regulated feeding plan has been developed, and the medication intended to help the dog relax and rest continues to be effective. Finally, the question everyone has been waiting to know – is Chipper a friendly and sweet pup? According to the veterinarian, it’s an understatement to say that they are in love with Chipper – they adore him! Chipper couldn’t stop kissing the veterinarian, and despite being failed by his humans, this gentle and docile boy remains loving.

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