“A Tale of Resilience: The Incredible Journey of a Cat Who Survived an Electric Shock and Defied the Odds to Flourish!”

A cat from Thailand has gained attention for its extraordinary method of mobility after enduring a severe electric shock that resulted in the loss of its front paws and tail. The cat, named Able, has been dubbed as the “kangaroo cat” due to its ability to adapt and move around by hopping like a kangaroo. The incident happened in Chiang Mai when Able accidentally touched some exposed wires. Despite its condition, Able has shown remarkable resilience and perseverance.

Able, a brave cat, faced a traumatic incident at the tender age of one. He lost both his front paws and his tail was severely damaged due to a loud noise that resembled an explosion to the people around him. However, with proper care and treatment, Able made a full recovery. Despite his physical limitations, Able remains determined to lead a typical feline life.

After being stranded in an alley following an accident, Able, a three-year-old cat, was found and taken care of by Walai Sriboonvorakul, a 49-year-old resident. Thanks to her efforts, Able made a complete recovery. Two years later, Able is now able to climb stairs, chase other cats, and leap up walls with a distinctive ‘kangaroo-like’ technique.

Ms Sriboonvorakul shares that Able is a remarkable cat who possesses incredible skills, much like his fellow felines. His name perfectly suits him as he is capable of overcoming any challenge thrown his way. Unfortunately, Able faced a tragic incident of electrocution from exposed wires. The explosion was so loud that it sounded like a bomb, and the electric shock was so powerful that it caused his legs and tail to detach from his body.

Able faced some initial difficulty due to his injuries, but he quickly adapted and can now balance and stand on his hind legs. He is strong and agile enough to play and run like a kangaroo, climb walls and ledges with ease, and go up and down the stairs. The family that took him in showered him with love and food, allowing him to roam free in their garden and outdoors. However, Able often becomes the target of other strays when he ventures too far and returns home hopping. As a result, the family decided to keep him inside their two-story home all the time, where he enjoys waking up his “big brother” Copter every morning. Despite losing his legs, Able has found a nurturing home where he is loved and cared for as an integral part of the family.

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