Surfing with a Feline Friend: The One-Eyed Cat Who Enjoys Catching Waves

Meet Kuli, the surfing cat with just one eye who has been riding waves since he was only six months old! Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton rescued him from the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii when he was extremely undernourished and weighed only one pound.


Regrettably, the poor creature had to undergo eye surgery as a result of an infection. According to Alexandra’s statement to The Daily Mail, Kuli commenced his surfing training at a mere four months old, shortly after the operation. When he was around six months old, he first tried surfing by floating on the board alone near the shore while Alexandra paddled around with him.


Soon enough, the pair found themselves on the hunt for waves to ride. At first, the writer took Kuli out on their longboards, but they soon discovered that the furry companion had a real love for sinking his claws into the foamy material of a boogie board. With this realization, the decision was made to purchase a board for Kuli so that he could join in on the surfing fun.


Alexandra shared that despite his weak and malnourished start in life, the cat has grown rapidly and developed a high tolerance level. Interestingly, the feline also enjoys being around water, which could be attributed to the many baths it had during its recovery period from surgery.


Kuli, the adorable surfing cat, used to rely on a life jacket before he could swim independently. Even now, his owner makes sure to use it when necessary, depending on the weather and water conditions. They avoid taking him out if it’s too windy or choppy to ensure his safety.

surf cat

The name given to this adorable feline by his owners is Kuli, which in Hawaiian means “to look blind.” It wasn’t until he became confident in the water that he stopped wearing a life jacket. As you can observe, Kuli is an expert at catching waves!

boogie board

The feline named Kuli was initially introduced to a longboard, but later, his owners allowed him to try boogie boarding where he could dig his claws into it. He has become quite popular in Hawaii, and we believe he is one of the coolest cats around. You can watch him in action by checking out the video below. Also, be sure to meet Marlin, another adventurous cat who loves boats and the ocean. If you’re a cat lover, visit We Love Cats and Kittens for more fascinating content like the best cat food for weight loss, pictures of wonderful cats, and funny cat snaps that show how amazing life is with cats. Don’t forget to share our story and leave us a comment about what you think.

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