Feline Family Discovered Behind Industrial Building – Adorable Kitten Obsessed with Mom

A group of cute little kittens and their mother were discovered behind a warehouse. One of the kittens seemed to be particularly attached to its mom.

Upon receiving a notification from a colleague in the animal rescue community, Cailey Seymour, the creator of Dorset Rescue Kittens based in Ontario, Canada, learned of a mother cat and her five offspring living on the streets. The rescuer discovered a small group of felines wandering around behind a warehouse and offered them food. All of the kittens emerged from various directions and were ravenously consuming the meal. After capturing the entire litter and their mother, the rescuer shared a photo with Cailey asking if they could take them in. Cailey’s response was an enthusiastic “yes.”

When Coco and her kittens were brought in, it was observed that she was merely five years old. She appeared to be extremely malnourished and underweight. It was speculated that she had spent most of her life as a stray cat. However, upon closer observation, it became apparent that Coco was not feral at all.

The felines were in a sorry state, looking thin and unkempt, and also suffering from respiratory issues. Cailey observed that they must have been surviving on vegetation due to the lack of proper food for them. Initially, the kittens were quite scared, but thanks to Coco’s gentle and supportive nature, they eventually became more relaxed. Coco even cleaned their faces and provided them with a sense of security, as if she had yearned for love her whole life.

When we first saw Coco, we were surprised that she was able to keep her babies alive for eight weeks. She was extremely thin, but somehow managed to do it. Out of all the kittens, Chanel appeared to be smaller and less active. However, she had a very close relationship with her mom and was always snuggled up to her, making little purring noises. Even though she was old enough to stop nursing, Chanel continued to do so for comfort.

It has been observed that among a litter of kittens, there is always one who requires their mother’s attention for a longer period. In the case of a litter of six, four of them are prepared to be adopted in pairs. However, the remaining two kittens, Chanel and Coco, rely on each other for emotional support and are inseparable. They do everything together and are the best of friends.

According to Cailey, Mama Coco, the cat, has recently grasped the idea of a comfortable living space. Initially, she would only settle on the floor and never on furniture such as beds or couches. Although she enjoys being pampered, she struggled to express her needs appropriately. However, she has now learned how to seek attention and can be found lounging on beds and couches. It is clear that Mama Coco has no intention of returning outdoors anytime soon.

Little Chanel is a lively and inquisitive baby who loves to explore. Her playful antics keep her mother on her toes, and she never leaves her side even when roaming around the house. On the other hand, Coco prefers to take it easy and unwind. She loves being showered with affection from humans, particularly getting neck rubs and belly scratches.

According to Cailey, the mother-daughter duo of Coco and Chanel share a beautiful bond. Coco has been an extremely caring mother and gives her undivided attention to her child. Chanel, on the other hand, used to follow her mom like a mini shadow, but with time, she has developed a unique personality. They are often spotted together, either curled up or running around with Coco following closely behind.

The mother and daughter duo are eager to start a new chapter in their lives and finally live happily ever after. Their ideal home would be calm and peaceful, with all the focus on them. Coco, who has been a street wanderer for as long as she can remember, is thrilled to finally have a permanent home where she can spend the rest of her days with her precious baby Chanel.

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