Bully, the Rescue Dog, Celebrates his 23rd Birthday with a Special Bash!

Bully, the oldest dog in rescue, received a special celebration for his 23rd birthday. Born in 1999, he has lived through five presidential administrations and the advent of the first iPhone, as well as witnessing the growth of social media and other significant events. However, as a Chihuahua, it is unlikely that he will remember any of them.

At the ripe old age of 23, the little pooch was in for a treat as his owners threw him a celebration that he would never forget. For two decades, Bully had been living with a loving family and had spent countless hours playing outdoors and running in the park. However, when his original owner could no longer care for him, the elderly dog found a new home at The Mr. Mo Project, a rescue center specifically for senior dogs run by Chris Hughes and his wife.

Bully, according to his previous owner, may be small in size but is a big dog at heart. Despite his advanced age, he still exhibits the same traits that make him unique. Hughes further described him as having a mixture of personality traits, such as being spunky, playful, caring, self-sufficient, and calm, with a voice that sounds like an old man. He even enjoys playing rough with their other Chihuahuas, showing no signs of slowing down despite his age.

As Bully gets older, he requires more sleep than your average puppy. According to Hughes, Bully loves snoozing and deserves that extra rest time. The cute pup can drift off anywhere, be it the kitchen floor, a pee pad, or even the comfiest bed in the room. To celebrate his birthday, the Hughes family made their home Bully-themed and gave him two things he treasured the most – naps and treats. Since he has lost most of his teeth, they got him soft biscuits that they crushed up, and he enjoyed every bit of it. All in all, the most excellent gift you could give Bully is a peaceful nap because he adores sleeping.

Hughes is committed to ensuring that every elderly dog under their care feels cherished. They organize parties to mark various events, making an effort to celebrate all the good things that happen in their home despite some not-so-good things. Hughes organizes festivities for dogs who have completed cancer treatment, those celebrating their birthdays, and those who have been adopted. They even hold Christmas in July celebrations for dogs who may not make it to the end of the year.

Thanks to the Hughes family, Bully has a lot more reasons to celebrate now. At just 23 years old, he has definitely earned it.

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