Charming Feline Memes – Captivating Images of Cats Displaying Human-Like Mannerisms and Emotions

Cats are a popular topic and bring to mind a variety of descriptors, ranging from mischievous and endearing to cuddly and even malevolent. However, there is a unique feline that may not have crossed your path yet – the “Polite Cat.” The Polite Cat is actually a specific cat named Ollie, who has a distinctive and “polite” expression.

The source of this meme can be traced back to a fictitious text message exchange between a landlord and a potential tenant. During their conversation, the tenant inquires about having a pet in the building, but the landlord denies the request. Nevertheless, upon receiving a photo of Ollie, the pet in question, the landlord makes an allowance, citing the animal’s well-mannered appearance.

On June 7th, 2018, a picture was shared on the humor website 9GAG along with a caption that read, “Whenever someone expects me to be thrilled about something I’m not interested in.” The image quickly spread across the internet, becoming a popular meme featured in YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories. The meme has gained so much traction that Polite Cat, the subject of the photograph, has become a viral sensation, garnering 1,200 points in just two months.

Generally speaking, people adore Ollie for his charming demeanor and cuteness as a feline. Take a look at the following memes featuring Ollie’s polite behavior, which we’ve curated just for you. Get ready to be entertained!

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