Double the Joy: A Cat’s Dream Comes True as She Finds Two Sets of Kittens and Overflows with Happiness.

Sometime this year, Alley Cat Rescue based in Los Angeles received information about a female cat accompanied by eight kittens from two different litters. The rescue team managed to rescue and shelter the cat family before they were sent to the pound.

Tangerine, a calico cat who was almost a year old, required assistance. According to Alley Cat Rescue’s statement to Love Meow, they received a mother cat with two sets of four kittens at varying ages, all of whom were nursing. The young mom was having trouble feeding all eight of her very hungry offspring. So, volunteers provided additional nourishment to the older kittens, allowing Tangerine to focus solely on taking care of her four ten-day-old babies.

According to Alley Cat Rescue, everything was going well for a few weeks until the mother cat ran out of milk. The organization had been supporting them by providing meals, so it was an effortless transition. The kittens were being fed with bottles all the time, and their mother was taking good care of them. She was very appreciative of the help she received and started spending more time with her caregivers, enjoying their affection.

As soon as the caretakers walked into the room, Tangerine greeted them with joy and purred adorably. Alley Cat Rescue shared that Tangerine was very affectionate and craved attention. One of the older kittens was already eating the mother’s food at just three weeks old, while some of the younger ones were still struggling to walk. However, this little one had mastered the art of feeding.

I find it absolutely fascinating how clever and quick-witted kittens can be. They seem to effortlessly adopt habits like using the litter box, grooming themselves, playing with toys, and curling up for warmth. A particular kitten that caught my attention was Cornbread, who happened to be the smallest of his litter and required additional assistance to thrive. Our team has been closely monitoring their weight progress, and unfortunately, Cornbread has hit a plateau and is no longer gaining weight.

Despite being the size of his bottle, Little Cornbread had a fierce determination to catch up with his siblings. With each feeding, Momma Tangerine would encourage him and wipe off his milkstache. Despite his small stature, he refused to be defined by it and could even hold his own when wrestling with larger siblings.

It’s amazing to see how much progress Cornbread, the adorable ginger kitten, has made. He’s growing up to be quite a stunning feline! Not only is he charming, but he also has an insatiable appetite. The cutest thing is when he welcomes his caregivers with open arms after realizing they’re the ones who feed him. Although his siblings have started eating on their own, Cornbread still prefers a daily bottle. It’s difficult to resist those big, beautiful blue eyes!

The caretakers of Momma Tangerine’s babies have received the responsibility of taking care of them while their mother retires from parenthood. Momma Tangerine has been eagerly waiting to have a space of her own where she can be the center of attention. Finally, her dream has come true as she was recently adopted and moved into her new home.

It’s an exhilarating feeling for her to be a kitten once more, relishing all the attention, fun, and cuddles from her forever owners. She now has a family that spoils her with affection, and she even has a new companion to play with. Alley Cat Rescue happily shared with Love Meow that she couldn’t be happier now that she’s found her fairy tale ending.

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