“From Neglect to Hope: The Inspiring Story of a Dog Chained for 12 Years in the Dirt”

The team at 4 Paws Hope recently got a distress call about an older dog who was left tied up without any provisions. Apparently, his previous owner had passed away four years ago and he was placed under the care of an elderly woman who didn’t take care of him properly.

The pooch, who was 12 years old, had serious skin problems, was without any teeth, and was quite dirty. It seemed like it had been ages since the dog had a proper bath.

The adorable pooch was affectionately christened “Roger” and promptly taken to the nearest vet for proper treatment. Following a thorough checkup, he was given a refreshing bath and entrusted to the care of a loving foster family. Presently, Roger is undergoing treatment for several health issues including anemia, intestinal parasites, as well as skin and ear complications.

The complete transformation of Roger went beyond his physical appearance and also affected his inner being, all thanks to the affection and attention he received from his rescuers, veterinary team, and foster mother.

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