How a Homeless Kitten Found Her Forever Dad in a Heartwarming Park Encounter.

A homeless kitten finds his new owner in a park and refuses to leave his side.

Kawasaki Hina was on his usual commute one summer day when he passed through a park and caught the attention of a little stray kitten. Initially thinking it was just a friendly cat, Kawasaki soon realized that the kitten had more in store for him. The feline followed Kawasaki, chasing his feet and standing on his shoes. Despite trying to shake her off by walking in different directions, the kitten persisted in following him. It was clear that she had chosen Kawasaki as her human and wouldn’t take no for an answer. This determined little kitty had latched onto Kawasaki and wouldn’t let go. According to Love Meow, she was on a mission to claim him as her own.

Filled with amusement and a heartwarming feeling, Kawasaki took the cat into his care and decided to make her a permanent member of his family. He affectionately named her Vell-chan and upon reaching home, the feline snuggled up to him, settling in as though she knew that she had finally found her forever home.

After an hour, the little feline was sound asleep and within just a few days, she had made herself comfortable in Kawasaki’s bed. It was quite a delightful scene to behold, and Kawasaki couldn’t help but harbor a deep affection for Vell-chan.

To him, the feline creature is more than just a pet. Vell-chan is a beloved member of his household who has found joy and peace in her permanent abode. Kawasaki is delighted that his furry friend is always by his side, no matter where he ventures or what tasks he undertakes. Even after all this time, she still shadows him as loyally as she did on the day they first crossed paths.

Occasionally, we may pick our furry friends, but more often than not, they end up selecting us. This is certainly the case for Kawasaki Hina and her beloved pet, Vell-chan. Below are some adorable snapshots of Vell-chan that you won’t want to miss.


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