Incredible Survival: Starved Mother Dog Endures 10 Days to Keep Puppies Alive While Awaiting Rescue

Mama Dog Tied Up And Left To Die, Kept Her Puppies Alive For 10 Days Waiting For Help

A heartless person left a pregnant dog tied to a tree in a forest, seemingly hoping she would perish. Despite this cruelty, the mama dog managed to survive and even gave birth to puppies while still tethered to the tree. For 10 long days, she protected her little ones until someone finally came to their rescue.

Lara, a Pit Bull mix, was unfortunately abandoned by her owner when she became pregnant. Instead of finding a new home or taking her to a shelter, the owner cruelly tied her to a tree in a forest near Nafplion, Greece. This act was truly despicable and showed a complete lack of care for Lara and her puppies.

At the time, Lara was in the advanced stages of pregnancy and found herself abandoned and bound to a tree in a chilly forest that seemed to go on forever. Despite being restrained, she managed to give birth to four tiny, adorable puppies.

Despite the lack of food, water, and shelter, this brave mother not only managed to survive but also ensured her puppies’ survival for 10 days. It’s truly a remarkable tale of a mother’s determination to keep her babies safe.

Upon hearing from nearby villagers, rescuers quickly arrived at the scene to take in the mother dog and her litter of puppies. Sadly, one of the puppies did not make it.

Due to the affection and attention of the rescuers, the mother dog and her three remaining pups have made a full recovery. They are currently in good health and displaying all the typical traits of playful and cute puppies.

It is our sincere wish that the individual who mistreated the animals is identified and punished accordingly. It is comforting to know that the canine and her offspring were rescued before any further harm could be done. We hope that the puppies will be placed in a loving home as soon as possible. The video depicting Lara’s rescue is truly touching, so don’t hesitate to share this article with your loved ones.

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