“Left to Suffer in Silence: Abandoned Dog Battles Massive Hernia Without Aid”

Star Network Rescue informed RRSA India about a small puppy in need of help. Raahi, as she was named, was suffering from a large growth on her body and needed urgent medical attention.


Raahi was a homeless dog discovered wandering the streets, struggling to find a cozy spot to take a nap because of her big size. Yet, even though she was unaccompanied and lacked anyone to look after her, she remained a tiny, yet brave, pooch.


Raahi had a big bulge in her abdomen that appeared to be a tumor, which was quite alarming. As a result, she was taken for medical attention right away. After an in-depth assessment, the veterinary staff discovered that it was an inguinal hernia. To correct the issue, they decided to give Raahi sedatives and perform surgery because they thought it was the best course of action, despite her small size. After the procedure, Raahi was stitched up and they even extracted two loose teeth.


Raahi was recovering from surgery and sought some well-deserved rest. She discovered a gorgeous retreat where the staff provided exceptional care for her. Despite feeling weak over the next couple of days, Raahi’s spirits were lifted, and she showed significant improvement in her overall health.



After a couple of days, the staff observed that Raahi was much more comfortable. She didn’t have any problems lying down now that the massive lump was surgically removed. Her healing process was speedy, and she transformed into a vibrant and enthusiastic puppy once again.


The dog’s remarkable recovery was evident, with both physical and emotional wounds healing and her strength returning. Her transformation from a lonely and pained animal to a happy and affectionate one serves as proof that acts of compassion and intervention can truly improve the lives of animals. This story of her struggle with a massive hernia sheds light on the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litters, and community involvement in caring for stray and abandoned animals. Above all, it highlights the significance of extending kindness and empathy to all living creatures, ensuring that no being should suffer alone and every animal deserves a chance to experience love, care, and support to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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