“Meet Leo: The Mighty Maine Coon and His Devoted Feline Followers”

Leo, a Maine Coon cat living in Chicago, exudes an aura of regal elegance that is hard to miss. This fluffy feline has a fondness for wearing stunning crowns adorned with the most splendid artificial flowers, which only adds to his majestic appearance. Maine Coons are renowned for their innate magnetism and composure, and Leo is no exception to this rule. His captivating photos have amassed a huge following on Instagram. Despite being the one in the limelight, Leo is happy to share it with his other feline siblings – Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota. Continue reading to discover more about this delightful cat and his charming furry companions.

Could you tell me about Leo’s character?

I’d love to give you an insight into my interactions with Leonidas, or simply Leo. This 6-year-old feline is a hefty 21 lbs and has a relaxed demeanor for the most part. He enjoys lounging on the sofa or relaxing in our catio. Nevertheless, when he’s hungry or seeking attention, he becomes quite insistent and will continue to meow until his needs are met. On occasion, he’ll even add some headbutts and paw pokes to emphasize his requests.

Have you ever wondered why Leo the cat wears flower crowns in photos? Well, I can tell you that it’s not because he particularly enjoys it, and the same goes for most cats. However, Leo is a good sport about it because he knows he’ll receive treats for his cooperation. It’s like compensating a model for their time, except with treats instead of cash. It’s important to note that not all felines are okay with this kind of thing, even with treats involved. Among my cats, only Leo has the patience for it. The photos you see are just a brief moment in time, and the crown is removed after only 5-10 seconds, followed by Leo receiving his rewards.

As for the crowns themselves, I don’t make them myself. Most of them are purchased from my friend Yarely, who runs the lovely Instagram account @freyasfloralco. She’s gifted at creating faux floral crowns!


Can you tell me a bit about your feline companions, namely Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota? Our grey cat, Lucy, joined our family when she was 5 years old through adoption from PAWS Chicago. We kept her name as it was familiar to her. Currently, Lucy is 11 years old and my first cat who is quite self-reliant. She communicates her needs effectively, whether it be letting me know she’s hungry by poking me or asking for water from the faucet. Moreover, she enjoys sitting on a warm lap and doesn’t mind sharing her space with other cats as long as they don’t disturb her.

During my search for a new four-legged friend, I came across a Bengal cat named Ori from Leap of Faith Bengals in California. Being a fan of Greek mythology and wanting a name that would pair well with my other cat, Leonidas, I decided on the name Orion. However, I wanted a shorter version of the name and ultimately settled on Ori. Now three years old, Ori is the most energetic cat among my feline companions. He loves to spend his days running on his cat wheel and playing with his older siblings Leo and Lucy, even though they sometimes scold him for his mischievous behavior. Despite this, Ori is a fantastic foster sibling. He is gentle and caring towards all of our foster cats and kittens, and he enjoys snuggling and grooming them.


Over the past year, I had the opportunity to foster two tabby cats named Birdie and Bunnie. Though I initially intended to find them a loving home, I ultimately became their permanent owner – a common phenomenon known as “foster failure.” These felines were previously called Laverne and Shirley, but I had to give them new monikers since there was already a kitten named Shirley. Birdie received her name because she would often perch on our shoulders like a bird, while Bunnie was dubbed as such due to her propensity to hop over whenever we called her. Interestingly, another family had expressed interest in adopting them, but they ultimately decided not to follow through with the adoption. The mere thought of losing these sweet cats made me realize that they had already won my heart, and I couldn’t bear to part with them. Aside from being affectionate and adorable, they also get along well with my other cats, making them a perfect fit for my home.

Can you explain what is meant by the term “working cat”?

Birdie and Bunnie

Allow me to introduce my four-legged companion, Kota, who possesses a distinctive personality of his own. Though he belongs to the canine species, he behaves like a feline and considers himself as one of them. I christened him Kota simply because I liked the sound of it, with no specific reason behind it. At the age of four, he has proved to be an excellent companion for foster cats who need to get accustomed to living around dogs. Interestingly, Kota enjoys the company of cats more than that of his fellow canines. He tails me everywhere, and he has become an indispensable part of my life that I cannot imagine living without.

Contrarily, Leo might appear austere and majestic in photos, but he possesses something unique that sets him apart from the rest. Leo loves being pampered and is a bit of a mama’s boy. He prefers being cradled like an infant, belly facing upwards on my lap, and likes being carried over my shoulder while standing up.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Jane for generously giving me her time and entrusting me with fascinating anecdotes about her charming pets. It’s with immense pleasure that I present their snapshots to our cherished audience at Cattitude Daily, and I’m confident that you’ll find them as delightful as we did. Do share these adorable images with your feline-loving acquaintances who would relish gazing at Leo and his exquisite furry companions. Furthermore, if you crave more glimpses of Leo, Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota, be sure to visit their Instagram account and follow them.

Leo, the majestic Maine Coon, graces social media with his awe-inspiring Instagram account filled with a plethora of stunning photographs that capture his alluring and dignified essence.

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