“Rescuing a Timid Mastiff: How One Woman Helped a Scared Pup Overcome Her Fears”

A couple dedicated themselves to taking shifts in sitting outside with their scared foster dog for 12 hours a day over several weeks. The efforts proved to be worthwhile as the dog named Kristin was highly traumatized upon arriving home with her foster mother Jodi. Despite being seasoned foster parents, Jodi and her family were surprised at how damaged Kristin was compared to other dogs they have helped in the past.

Kristin opted to spend her entire day in solitude, standing in a corner with no interest in interacting with anyone. In order to respect her wishes, Jodi kindly provided her with food and drink, allowing her some much-needed alone time. Moreover, Jodi and her spouse tried to assure Kristin that they had no intention of causing her any harm, alternating shifts for up to 12 hours a day to show her that they would not make any sudden movements that might upset her.

For weeks, they simply hung out with Kristin outside, sitting near her to show support and let her know she had people on her side. Although progress was slow, they persisted until the day finally came when Kristin felt ready to move into her own place. Jodi couldn’t help but shed a few tears of happiness at the news.

Jodi noted that she could feel a sense of trust from Kristin towards their home. However, there was still some work to be done as Kristin would often retreat to the bathroom corner. But after about one or two months, Jodi started feeling comfortable and at ease in her new abode. She enjoyed being around her new family and was thrilled when Kristin came out of her cozy bed and approached Jodi’s husband for some affection.

Jodi expressed her delight, stating that it was a significant development for them. Kristin had the good fortune of being welcomed into not only a new human foster family but also a new family of fellow canines who either lived in the house or were temporary fosters.

Jodi’s foster website revealed that Kristin had come from an abusive home, along with her three mastiff siblings who were also rescued. This was why Kristin was initially hesitant about her new foster family. According to Jodi, “Severe cruelty and neglect charges were filed after the mastiffs were found living in deplorable conditions.” Fortunately, rescue teams were able to save four of them (the fifth was taken in by another rescue). They are all currently under foster care and will soon be up for adoption.

Kristin’s siblings were also dealing with emotional struggles, but Jodi has shown that love is capable of healing anything. Thanks to Jodi’s love and attention, Kristin has transformed into a brand new puppy. Jodi’s efforts have resulted in Kristin becoming a joyful, loving dog who deserved to be happy. After Kristin recovers completely, Jodi intended to place her for adoption. However, Kristin has become a permanent member of Jodi’s family, leading to her becoming an official foster failure. To learn more about Kristin’s story, watch the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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