“Single-Eared Kitten Charms Visitors with Adorable Waves and Hops His Way into Adoptive Family’s Affection”

A cute little kitty with just one ear greeted every person who passed by his enclosure at the animal shelter, eagerly hoping to catch their attention.

Meet Hopper, the 9-month-old kitten who was taken to The Alaska Humane Society after his previous owners could no longer take care of him. This little ball of fur was in dire need of love and attention, making him a popular favorite among staff and volunteers alike. After receiving necessary medical treatment, Hopper was placed in the recovery room where he immediately began to search for his perfect family. Despite having only one ear – a result of an old injury according to the vet – Hopper wears his differences with pride, adding a unique charm to his already adorable features.

According to Shannon Basner, the founder of Alaska’s KAAATs, Hopper is a charming and lively boy with an endearing personality. He enjoys playing, but his true passion lies in spreading love and affection to those around him. Upon arriving at the shelter, Hopper quickly won over the staff and volunteers with his outgoing nature and lovable demeanor. He’s quite the chatterbox and loves receiving attention from people.

Shannon Basner had intended to give Hopper ample time to recover from his injuries before showcasing him for potential adopters. However, the charismatic feline seemed to have other ideas. A couple hailing all the way from Alaska was in search of a new furry companion and arranged to visit the shelter for a meet-and-greet on the weekend. Unfortunately, Hopper happened to be tucked away in the back room at that particular moment.

Shannon Basner had a memorable experience when she and her friends visited a shelter to adopt a cat. They were initially checking out the cats on the adoption floor when they heard about an attention-seeking one-eared cat in the back. Intrigued by this, they decided to pay the little guy a visit. This led them to meet with Arleen, the lead volunteer at the shelter, who took them to the back where Hopper was waiting. As soon as they met Hopper, he indicated that he wanted to be adopted by Shannon and her friends.

Upon the couple’s entry into the room, Shannon Basner’s furry friend Hopper jumped up and began waving his paws eagerly. Clearly, he wanted their attention and refused to settle for anything less. With his endearing one-eared appearance and large, expressive eyes, it was impossible for the couple to resist him. By the time he reached out his paws towards them, they knew they had found their new companion.

According to Shannon Basner, Hopper won the hearts of his new owners with his cute and affectionate paws. Love at first sight was mutual, as Hopper crawled into their arms and settled in for a forever home. What’s even better is that he didn’t have to go through the adoption process and was adopted right then and there.

Shannon Basner reported that the couple visited the shelter to meet various cats, but unexpectedly fell in love with a charming one-eared feline named Hopper. The couple adopted Hopper and he will now embark on a new journey in his life with his permanent family.

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