“Smiling Pit Bull: Homeless and Hoping for a Forever Family”

Donnie was left stranded in a courtyard in New York and roamed around for two days without any idea of where to go. After being rescued and taken to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, he was determined to show everyone that despite his 62-pound build, he was a lovable and affectionate pup. According to Manisha Shah, a volunteer at ACC, a dog’s size doesn’t determine their nature, as even the biggest dogs are fond of being cuddly and adorable, oblivious to the fact that people may feel intimidated by them.

Initially, Donnie felt a little anxious about being in an unfamiliar environment. However, with time he became more comfortable and soon started greeting everyone who passed by with a cheerful smile. Shah mentioned that Donnie was quite apprehensive and jumpy when he arrived, which is entirely reasonable. Nevertheless, it was an extraordinary feeling for Shah to earn the trust of a dog like Donnie.

Shah is a member of the Boroughbred team, which supports dogs at Brooklyn ACC through their Instagram account. Recently, they created a video featuring Donnie in hopes of finding him a forever home. In the video, Shah can be seen cuddling with Donnie, who responds with affectionate kisses. The heartwarming footage is accompanied by a caption that shares their experience meeting this lovable pup.

Donnie, a pitbull, is a friendly and loving pet but unfortunately, he faces difficulties in finding a home. As per TIME’s report, pitbulls typically wait three times longer than other breeds at shelters to get adopted.

At present, Donnie is residing with a foster mother and getting adjusted to a domesticated lifestyle. However, it won’t be long until this lovable and massive dog discovers the family he’s been seeking for so long – a family that adores every inch of his 62-pound frame.

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