St.ray Cat Gets Crocheted Ears And Finds Her Forever Home The Next Day!


She looks so cute with her crocheted ears 😘 This [po.or]] little kitty is adorable with or without ears, though I’m so glad that she’s found her forever home, with the help of knitted ears, hope kitty has her wonderful life 💖

An adorable stray cat who sa.dly [] her ears due to medical reasons has been given some sweet crocheted ears by some kind-hearted humans. Lady in a Fur Coat, or Lady for short, had to have her ear flaps [] because of chronic [inf.ecti.ons] and he.matomas.

Despite the dramatic surgery, rescue workers at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) say that Lady may even be able to hear better now since the [in.fec.tions] had been [blo.cking] the entrances to her ear canals.


Even sweeter still, Ash Collins from DCHS was kind enough to crochet Lady an adorable Replacement Pair of ears. After a photo of Lady wearing her new ears was posted on internet, she was adopted the very next day.

So happy you found your forever home. 🏡 She is adorable with or without her ears…!



Such a beautiful little fur baby so happy she got a forever home 🏡 So sweet thanks will forever be your shadow and friend.

❤️ Lovely happy ending…! ❤️


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