Surprising Festivity: Journey of a Furry Friend from 1988 to Becoming the Oldest Cat on Earth

Meet Rubble, the extraordinary feline sensation, who bears the prestigious title of being the “oldest cat in the world!” This British kitty is a resident of Exeter, England, and has reached a remarkable age of 30. Despite his old age, Rubble still enjoys life to the maximum. He was adopted by Michele Foster, his owner when he was just a tiny kitten in May 1988, on her 20th birthday.

Wow, have you met Michele’s cat? He’s absolutely remarkable! Michele has been blessed with the companionship of this loving and loyal feline for several years now. From what she says, it’s clear that he’s her constant companion who never fails to show affection. Michele believes that the secret to her cat’s long life is the abundant love and care he receives, treating him almost like a pampered child.

Rubble, the oldest cat in the UK, seems to be in great shape except for his high blood pressure. However, his health condition is being taken care of by Dr. Shawn Moore from City Vets. Rubble is thriving despite his age, which is a great sign. According to Dr. Moore, Rubble is currently only taking medication for his blood pressure, and his overall health is excellent.

When asked if she would register her cat Rubble in the Guinness World Records for being the oldest feline, Michele declined. She explained that even though Rubble still has a lot of life in him, they are not eager to pursue the record as they believe it might cause too much attention and fuss for the elderly cat. Rubble is already enjoying his golden years and prefers to live peacefully without any disruptions. Michele and her family would rather have him enjoy his remaining days without unnecessary disturbances.

Cream Puff, who was known as the oldest cat according to Guinness World Records, lived up to the ripe old age of 38 years and 3 days. The current record holder is Rubble, whose fur-ever age is still to be surpassed. While we can’t say for sure how long Rubble will continue to reign supreme, it’s safe to say that his devoted owner will spoil him rotten until he takes his final cat nap.

It’s truly amazing how the feline has thrived and endured for such a lengthy period. To put things into perspective, indoor cats have an estimated lifespan of 15 to 20 years, while outdoor cats typically only live up to 2-9 years on average.

Let’s rejoice in Rubble’s 30th birthday all year long and wish him endless days of happiness and wellness! Cheers to you, Rubble! Happy Birthday!

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