“The Astonishing Tale of a Cat’s Transformation: From Emerald Green to Its Natural Coat, While Roaming a Bulgarian Town”

Newsflash: The adorable kitty chameleon has decided to switch back to her original appearance, with the exception of some vibrant green streaks on her ears, eyes, and chest.


Bulgaria The Green Cat Is Back

The black cat is famously known to bring bad luck when it crosses your path, but have you ever heard of a green cat? Well, if you ever find yourself in Bulgaria, you might just come across an emerald-colored feline that will make you pause for a second. This stunning stray cat has been drawing attention from tourists since 2014 with its magical, jewel-toned fur coat. The fashion-forward cat was spotted on the streets of the quaint seaside town of Varna, accompanied by another equally cute cat. Initially, locals were worried that someone had painted the cat green as part of a cruel prank, but they soon discovered that the kitty turned herself green by repeatedly curling up for a catnap in an old paint barrel.


The cat enthusiasts came to the conclusion that the feline must have used some kind of safe food or textile dye to color her fur since she was in good health and her coat had a consistent coloring. Once it was established that the cat was not in any danger, community members and tourists were excited about the kitty’s distinctive feature and offered her treats in exchange for a glimpse of her peculiar fur.
Nowadays, with the aid of animal advocates and a new favorite spot to rest, the kitty has gone back to her original color except for a few bright green highlights around her eyes, ears, and chest.
Although her new appearance may not grab everyone’s attention, we still believe this furry friend is wonderful.

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