“Unheard Cries of a Neglected Pooch: Struggling Alone with an Enormous Hernia”

Star Network Rescue reached out to RRSA India for assistance with a little pooch in distress. The pup, who they affectionately named Raahi, was experiencing a sizeable growth on her body and required immediate medical attention.


Raahi, a homeless dog, was found wandering the streets in search of a comfortable place to rest due to her large size. Despite being alone and without anyone to care for her, she remained a small but courageous pup.


Raahi’s belly had a noticeable bulge that made her owners worried it could be a tumor. They took her to the vet immediately for an evaluation. Upon further examination, the veterinary team found out that Raahi had an inguinal hernia. They suggested performing surgery to correct the problem, which involved giving Raahi sedatives despite her small size. The procedure was successful, and the vet even extracted two loose teeth from Raahi after stitching up her incision.


After undergoing surgery, Raahi was in need of a much-needed break. Luckily, she stumbled upon a stunning sanctuary where the staff went above and beyond to ensure her comfort and satisfaction. Despite feeling fatigued in the following days, Raahi’s mood was uplifted and her overall health improved significantly.



In just a few days, the team noticed that Raahi was feeling much better. Thanks to the surgery, the huge lump that had been ailing her was gone, and she could now lie down without any difficulty. Raahi’s recovery was speedy, and she soon became a lively and enthusiastic pup once more.


The dog’s impressive recuperation was evident through the healing of both her physical and emotional wounds, as well as her regaining strength. The transition of this once lonely and suffering animal to a joyful and loving one is evidence that compassionate acts and intervention can truly enhance animals’ lives. This account of her struggle with a massive hernia emphasizes the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted offspring, and community participation in caring for stray and abandoned animals. Most significantly, it underscores the importance of extending kindness and empathy to all living beings, guaranteeing that no creature should experience suffering alone, and every animal deserves an opportunity to be loved, cared for, and supported to lead a healthy and fulfilling existence.

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