“Unleashing Unconditional Love: The Heartwarming Story of Deaf and Blind Dogs Finding Home and Friendship Together”

Despite their physical differences caused by reckless breeding, Krysten Harper from Alabama, USA, wholeheartedly loved both Little Buddy and Aster Rose. The 30-year-old woman recognized their uniqueness and refused to let their deformities define them.

The world of dog breeding is currently grappling with a serious problem of irresponsible practices that can have adverse effects on the health and overall well-being of puppies. Little Buddy and Aster Rose, two charming dogs who were born without sight and hearing, can vouch for the same. It is quite unfortunate that they were born with such disabilities because their parents belonged to the merle breed, which carries a high risk of producing offspring with disabilities, amounting to 25%.

It may seem like the two puppy companions are related, but in truth they are not. Only two months ago did they come together under the care of their adoptive mother, Krysten Harper, who is from Alabama in the United States. Since their fortuitous meeting, the two pups have become inseparable and Krysten wouldn’t trade them for anything. Little Buddy, an Australian Shepherd, was first welcomed into Krysten’s heart three years ago after being rescued from a facility. Unfortunately, two years of being confined took a toll on his body, resulting in arthritis in his back legs.

When Krysten brought the disabled dog home, she was faced with a new challenge of learning how to take care of him. He often slept in corners, hid beneath furniture, and cried in the middle of the night, causing Krysten to describe him as a “tiny bundle of tension.” Despite his fears, the dog’s charming personality drew people to him, and I felt a deep connection with him that made us seem like kindred spirits. Krysten already had a deaf dog, but that didn’t stop her from welcoming another furry friend into her home. She recently adopted a three-month-old Australian shepherd named Aster Rose.

According to Krysten, Aster is a confident young lady who loves to socialize with people and animals alike. She believes that everyone, be it human or animal, is in search of new companions. Even though Aster is visually impaired, she has the ability to sense the brightest spot in the yard by raising her nose and feeling the warmth. Despite living her life to the fullest, being unable to see or hear poses significant challenges for her. For example, teaching her to climb stairs is a daunting task since she is a small puppy who is blind and deaf. Krysten mentions that she communicates with Aster primarily through touch. For instance, she taps on her lower back to convey the command “sit” and puts her hand on her chest to indicate “stay.” Through Instagram, Krysten aims to raise awareness about irresponsible breeding practices and dogs with disabilities, including sharing pictures of Aster. Though some individuals have expressed concern about Aster’s health and happiness, Krysten assures everyone that she is not a depressed dog but rather a lively and exuberant one.

Aster’s lively and cheerful spirit has a way of captivating anyone who comes into contact with her. It’s important to note that blind or deaf dogs should not be pitied, as it perpetuates the false belief that they are inferior creatures. In reality, they can still lead happy and fulfilling lives just like any other dog. Krysten’s adopted dog, Little Buddy, was blind but was treated no differently than other dogs. As his rescuer wisely pointed out, this was his normal and he was content with it. Krysten hopes to help other blind and deaf dogs find loving homes and showcase their abilities rather than focusing on their disabilities through her page’s mission.

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