“Unlikely Duo: Deaf and Blind Canine Pair Share Unbreakable Bond in Forever Home”

Krysten Harper, a 30-year-old resident of Alabama, USA, didn’t let the physical differences between Little Buddy and Aster Rose, two Australian shepherds born with deformities due to unethical breeding practices, deter her from adopting them. Instead, she embraced these unique dogs and developed a deep affection for them.

Negligent breeding practices within the dog community pose a significant threat to the well-being of puppies. Little Buddy and Aster Rose, two adorable pups who were born both blind and deaf, have experienced the consequences firsthand. Unfortunately, their disabilities were a direct result of careless breeding. It’s worth noting that when two merle breeds are paired together, there is a 25% chance that the offspring will be disabled.

Although they look like twins, these two pups are not related and only met each other two months ago. Their adoptive mother, Krysten Harper from Alabama, played matchmaker and the two dogs have become inseparable ever since. Krysten cherishes both of them and wouldn’t change a thing about them. Three years prior, Krysten had adopted Little Buddy, an Australian shepherd who had spent two years in a rescue facility and developed arthritis in his back legs due to lack of movement.

Krysten introduced me to her new puppy, a cute three-month-old Australian shepherd named Aster Rose. However, she also brought home a crippled dog who had trouble sleeping and was afraid of shadows. Krysten had to adjust to living with him, and it wasn’t easy. Despite his challenges, the disabled dog was quite charming, and we bonded over our shared connection. It’s important to note that Krysten already had a deaf dog, but that didn’t stop her from bringing home another furry friend.

Krysten describes Aster as a confident young woman who enjoys making new friends, both human and animal. She has a strong belief that everyone is simply looking for companionship. Despite being blind, she still manages to locate the brightest area in her yard and bask in the warmth of the sun. However, living without sight or hearing does come with its challenges. Teaching her to use stairs, for example, was a daunting task. Krysten explains that communicating with Aster requires a different approach, relying heavily on touch. Despite the challenges they face, Krysten is determined to bring attention to the issues surrounding irresponsible breeding and disabled dogs. She shares pictures of her and Aster on Instagram to spread awareness. Many people have mistaken Aster’s confidence for depression, but Krysten assures us that she is far from it.

Aster is a charming dog that wins everyone’s hearts with her liveliness and exuberance. It’s important to recognize that blind or deaf dogs are not inferior and do not deserve pity. Such attitudes only perpetuate misconceptions about their abilities. When Krysten adopted Little Buddy, she was reminded by his rescuer to treat him like any other dog. Little Buddy is content with his life and doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy. Instead, Krysten and Little Buddy aim to help other blind and deaf dogs in need of loving homes. This is the goal of their page, and they work towards it every day.

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